We have a selection of 10 modern bikes, a mixture of good lightweights and more robust, but modern, bikes with front suspension, there is one electric bike. All easy to adjust. We also have a few helmets, padlocks and rucksacks for bringing the shopping back!

There are a couple of toddlers bikes for use in and around the garden.

All bikes are for guests use at NO CHARGE.



The boat is a sturdy ex river boat, it is easy to manage – we show you a lock and away you go. Most guests find it great fun and take it for the day and enjoy a picnic during the lunchtime closure of all the locks. We have a cool-box and ice packs you can use to you’re your food fresh and the wine chilled. Life-jackets for children are on board.

The charge for this is €90.00 per day.



We have a couple of delightful LHD MGBs and a TR6 which guests can take for the day. The roads here are just a delight to drive on – great surfaces, very little traffic and wonderful scenery – we have a couple of tried and tested routes that are great fun.

The charge for a car is €120.00 for the day. Fully insured of course.